Tazekka National Park - Morocco

The Context

Bab Boudir is a commune located in the Tazekka National Park in Morocco, next to the city of Taza. Surrounded by the mountains of the Middle Atlas, the place offers many interesting hiking routes. The Tazekka National Park's website contains some infos about the different key places. The problem is that, when we arrived at our destination, no information was given about what routes to follow. That's why I decided to make this little page to give a bit more infos about how to go there and what to expect.


Departure from Fes

We found from the map that Bab Boudir is most easily accessible from the city of Taza. So we decided to take a "grand taxi" from Bab Ftouh taxi station in Fes. These kind of taxi can take up to 6 people. The place costs 45 MAD (=~4.5€).

There is also a train that goes there. But the earliest one leaves at 10:45 AM and arrives at 12:57 AM (theoritically).

We left Fes at around 8:35 AM. Fortunately, the taxi takes the A2 highway from Fes to Taza. The duration of the trip was approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Arrival at Taza

We arrived at Taza at around 10:20 AM. The "grand taxi" driver advised us to take a normal taxi to go to another "grand taxi" station. This one is located in a neighbourhood called "El Koucha". So we asked from the normal taxi to take us there.

El Koucha

There we asked about a taxi to Bab Boudir. The driver (Mohammed) informed us that the trip takes 30 minutes and costs 15 MAD (=~1.5€).

Not knowing if we would be able to come back easily from there, we asked for his phone number so we could call him in case of emergency.

While waiting for other clients he told us about how the region, even if it's beautiful and interesting, is quite neglected. He also told us that the famous Friouato caves are now closed due to some incident that happened there. He complained that it affected their activity quite negatively.

We left at 11:30 AM.

Bab Boudir

We arrived at Bab Boudir at around 12:00 AM. Mohammed advised us to go first to the "tourist info", where we'd find also a mini-museum displaying the animals that live in the region. We realised after going there that it's closed and that there is no one to talk to.

At our surprise, the place looked like an abandoned village. It seemed like everyone left at once due to some natural disaster or some zombie invasion. There was no one there other than one other taxi driver, waiting for ghostly clients to show up. The houses looked oddly neglected, like no one lived there for years.

As we couldn't get any information, we wondered what direction to take. Moreover, my phone network signal (from Inwi operator) was so poor that I could barely make any call, let alone using internet data... Not knowing exactly where to go, we just decided to reach the closest mountain summit and follow our instinct.

Towards the summit

As shown in the map, the summit's altitude is around 1800 meters. Also, there is a route displayed on it. As we didn't know about it beforehand we just took any path we found towards the summit. It was a bit tricky, but it wasn't a bad idea. It made the climb even more interesting actually. We found out later on, on the descent, the actual hiking route. It's a rather simple and boring one.

The right side of the picture above shows a path. We decided to follow it. We then decided to go in the woods. There, we found a path full of white rocks. It was a bit tricky to walk in there, because they are small and very unstable. But it was interesting.

The trees and the rocks displayed some really nice features. So we decided to stop for a small photo session. The light wasn't interesting as it was nearly 12:30 PM. But the trees did a good job about it and it helped coming up with, not incredible, but at least some interesting shots.

We carried on our little journey until we came close to the summit. We stopped for a little while to eat and enjoy the sight. We also thought that there is no way we can go any further. But when we decided to come back, an almost straightforward path to the summit revealed itself.

The last meters were easy and straightforward. The rocks were different on that section. They were sharper and more stable.

When we arrived at the top we got a nice view of the other side. It reminded me of this scene from an old animated film, "The Land Before Time", where the little dinosaurs finally reached "The Great Valley" :D

But we had to come back, as it was almost 4 PM and we didn't want to risk staying longer and not finding a taxi to come back.

And that was it. It was interesting. Nothing insane but a good introduction to this national park that I'll gladly visit again in order to discover more of it's hidden treasures.

If you want to go there, and need more information, please contact me by using the form below or via Messenger.

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